A high skilled judicial hand, private approach to each situation, an opportunity for making decisions together and providing timely information for the move of the work on concrete case. We provide rich gamut of advanced consultations and services:
-retailers and trade associations - registering one-man merchants, trade associations, branches and representations of traders, legal entities with non-profit target, bodied associations, etc. and all related with them changes /discontinuance, liquidation, transduction/;
-contracts - producing accurate and up to standart contracts comprehensively protecting the rights and the interests of the customers - labor contracts, purchase-sales, commissions, shipping contracts, contracts for conveyance, consignation, manufacture, lease, mortgage, deposit, saving account, loan, donation; Commissions and contracts with merchant representatives /procurators, average personal representatives and jobbers/;
-procedural representation – appealing individual administrative acts or denials for issuing such acts; аppealing punitive acts, fines;


Limited liability company/Ltd./ registration
1. Producing needed documents
2. Bringing all collectivized fees- state fees for SGS reservation in information servicing- a state fee for Registry agency about "BULSTAT" registration
3. Receiving court registration
4. Registration at NOI
Necessary documents :
1. A copy on identity card
2. Pinpointing the company name
3. The personal attendance of the inquirer
4. A certificate from bank for the imported stock
Deadline : from 3 to 7 work days all collectivized fees and a fee for registration of Ltd. : 750 levs.