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We are an accounting establishment for accountancy services. Except preciseness in our services, a striving tendon is our customers to pay insomuch legally taxes, as their opportunities. We are not only registars of documents, but trustworthy and competent fiscal adviser and management consultant too.
In our work we use modern methods of communication such as electronic signature, internet-banking, on-line dealings with our customers, etc.
In contemporary dynamic
businеss environment on fast changing legislation in Bulgaria, soaring law conditions and unfair competition it is highly important for You to pick and choose the correct business-partner in sphere of accountings and juristic services. This business-partner must guarantee security for your business. Help You at making important decisions. Keep You well informed for changes in legislation and economy conjuncture.
 "TODIBO- Boyadgiev and son" Ltd. recommends You to choose closely your business-partner in accounting and juristic services sector, consult with him before making decisions that refer to your business, listen to his counsels
and use the information that he provides to You.
As already approved company on the market we endeavor to help our customers to overcome the difficulties they originate with the administration. We endeavor to provide timely, helpful and accurate information that refers to the serviced companies. At the same time our purpose is to extend the offered services and make them more affordable .